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Getting Started with Math Circles

Now that you have learned more about Math Circles, think about getting involved...

Students, Teachers, Parents - Start participating in your local Circle

Click here to find a Circle near you on the Math Circle map or view the complete list of Math Circles registered with NAMC.

If you can't find a Math Circle program near you then check out these other resources to support your mathematical enrichment or find out about other math outreach programs that may be of interest.

Create your own Math Circle

NAMC used the book ''Circle in a Box'' to help create materials for aspiring Math Circle organizers to begin their planning. These materials are currently being reviewed and updated as part of the MC MAP program. Register with to receive updates about new materials to support your Circle.

* What is a Math Circle?
* Sample Math Circle Program Structures.
* Molding a Math Circle
* Finding Support
* Organizing the Academics
* Sustaining a Math Circle
* Other Resources

Please note the Math Teachers' Circle Network provides additional resources for those who are interested in creating Math Teachers' Circles.